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2019 SHA Sponsorship
Ribbon Buy Back Plan
Please make sure you write your e-mail
address on your membership neatly so we can
e-mail your newsletter.
If You want Our Electronic Newsletter
you may e-mail your name and e-mail address
(no one will respond to you from this address)

All Memberships is $10.00
Per Household. No exceptions !!!
Memberships are Due the First show
that you show in
EACH Year.

You may purchase Park Passes from the Croft
State Park Office if you want one. You can
purchase a daily pass at the gate each time if
you want, but you must have a pass to come
on Park Property.
This is State rules, not SHA rules.

New Class Sheet
Classes in red on the class sheet either are new
or have been changed some way or other.

Dress Code: We do follow dress code and rules in
all of our classes based on your division (AQHA,
USEF, ARHBA, and NBHA unless judge allows an
exception that is fair to all (board approved).
We are going to enforce
T-Shirts or Collar Shirts
to be worn in all classes

There will only be a 30 Minute break between
English(1st half) and Western Classes (2nd half) this
We will start the 2nd half at what ever time this is.

Awards Banquet
Doors Open @ 5pm - Eat @ 6pm
Saturday, January 4, 2020
The Lodge @ Hwy 9 Inman SC 29349

Offering Class Sponsorship all year long.
Advertise in our Handbook and Web page
$25.00 1/3, $50.00 2/3, $75.00 3/3 page
Arabian Horse Association
Paso Fino Horse Association