Short Sheet                                           
Inclement Weather
On Day of Show Only
or Facebook page

*Decision on
cancelling the show
can be decided by  
the day of the show.
Spartanburg Horseman's Association
9:30am Until
Jumping, English, Gaited Classes,Tots Lead Line, Halter,Trail
Class, Western, Timed Events!

Camping & Stalls Available
through to Park Office
We Welcome You To Our SHA Web Page
The South Caroline State Park Family
of Passports can be purchase at the
SC Parks website
For $99
Park Passport Plus
For $75
Statewide Park Passport
For $50
Inland Park Passport

March show has been postponed until further notice.
Please stay tuned for updates on rescheduling as we look
to see how things unfold.

Please view the new 2020 Class sheet.
Membership dues $10
Regular class fees $10
Tots lead line class $8

Please be courteous with our horse riders coming near the restroom area. If there
any questions or concerns about where horses are allowed please do not be
disrespectful and let the board members or park ranger know & we will be glad to
inform you. Thank you!  

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